NBAC Logo new 200The Black Agenda is NOT the Black Agenda,
without YOUR input !!

We must come together to EducateOrganize and Mobilize. There is legislation on the table and laws have been passed to help our communities; we must EDUCATE our people about their existence. There are organizations and individuals working on the same issues nationwide, yet they are disconnected, we must ORGANIZE them around legislation to push their agenda. There are individuals in our community that feel the need to be part of the solution, but they don’t know how, when or where; we must MOBILIZE these warriors after we educate and organize them. We must never again allow anyone to suggest, that a people suffering the way we have suffered, don’t have an agenda ! What we lack, is a unified movement, and the infrastructure to push the agenda!

NBAC Chicago will use a national network, digital media, social media, and nationally coordinated direct action, to push our representatives to make and enforce laws, which advance our communities nationwide.


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