Apr 062013

Scool Letting Out

August 2012 Coalition Power Breakfast –  Karen GJ Lewis, President Chicago Teachers Union

For COAL’s August Breakfast, we continued our series covering areas of critical concern for our community. The focus was on Education and we were honored to host Karen Lewis, President of the 32,000 member Chicago Teachers Union (CTU). Ms. Lewis passed out the CTU’s The Schools Chicago’s Students Deserve: Research-based Proposals to Strengthen Elementary and Secondary Education in the Chicago Public Schools, which contains the following:

see full article here.

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  12 Responses to “COAL Hosts CTU President Karen J.Lewis – The Schools Chicago’s Students Deserve”

  1. Duncan did it and Corey Booker helped

  2. Educating our kids must be creative and adaptable. Maybe the way an inner city child learns is different from a child on the North Shore.

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