Feb 172015

Today embarks the beginning of a new dawn for Black America. As we begin this experience, a new hope and fervency is born within the lives of our people. The time has now come for change—and with that change, comes the need to coalesce around a common agenda through a genuine desire and understanding of our commonality as people of African descent. Thus, the Coalition of Black Community Organizations (CBCO) was established.

The CBCO began this process with these goals:

1 To identify issues/positions important to our community;
2. To have the candidates take a position on said issues;
3. Educate our community on candidate positions and provide the community with a means (tools) to assess candidates;
4. Begin to establish the infrastructure required to move our agenda forward on a continuous basis;
5. Build trust across our diverse community in order for us to work together on the items that we agree upon, and in the best interest of our community and;
6. Achieve legislative and other wins that improve the quality of life for the black community.

We believe that these elements are important in our objective to educate, organize, and mobilize. Through utilizing this municipal questionnaire, our community can take ownership in addressing our issues and hold elected officials accountable in the process.

NBAC is grateful to be a member of the CBCO and applauds this effort to bring about substantive change for our community and encourages the further usage of this document for political and social engagement.

Dr. Gale B. Frazier, Chairman
National Black Agenda Consortium Chicago

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