What You Can Do…

  • Read the current Black Agenda, and add your ideas to improve it. The Black Agenda cannot be, The Black Agenda, without your input 
  • Share information from the East coast to the West coast North and South about: ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT, EDUCATION, CRIMINAL JUSTICE, PUBLIC HEALTH, COMMUNICATIONS…. 
  • Assist us in organizing. Set up and host events around the country to discuss our issues in person.
  • Post events hosted by your organization.
  • Volunteer 1 hour per week in the NBACC office.
  • Join our committee and help plan National Black Agenda Conventions. 
  • Submit proposed or existing legislation that you think will help our community.
  • Add your name to proposed ballot initiatives, to help us push our legislators to enforce and enact laws and legislation, that will empower our community.
  • DONATE. We need office supplies, bloggers and social media expertise, researchers, legal assistance, a/v assistance, manuals, computers…… You can donate your MONEY or SKILL or PHYSICAL LABOR or SOCIAL NETWORKING ABILITY.

To volunteer, click Here.

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